Cardinals News · Spring Sport Athlete COVID Testing Update

From the Davison High School Athletic Office

We will begin our spring rapid testing this week at the Davison High School. You should have received a text from me letting you know what day your team will test for this week. After this initial week we will use the schedule below for your testing date. As required by the MDHHS every Spring student-athlete will have to take a Rapid COVID test once a week in order to participate in their spring sport.  A rapid test is a NON-INVASIVE process with a quick swab of the nose, just inside each nostril. See link for example of test. Students being tested MUST turn in a signed consent from along with a Code of Conduct form in order to be tested. These were handed out to them at a practice hopefully. The forms were also sent to parents via email. This is not a decision made by Davison Athletics or the Davison School District, but as of now we must follow the guidelines in order to give our kids the opportunity to play.

If a student tests positive, it will be recommended that they get a PCR test and await those results. Parents will be contacted immediately and the student will be sent home. If negative, they can return immediately, if positive they will be quarantined according to the MDHHS health safety guidelines, and parents will need to contact their child’s school.

Masking up and Social Distancing:

The CDC and MDHHS continues to use the 6ft rule for contact tracing and quarantining. If a student is within 6ft of a positive case for longer than 15 minutes cumulative, they will also need to quarantine for 14 days. It is very important that we try to do the following as best you can, and makes sure our students know this.

  • Keep student athletes 6ft apart whenever possible, especially while students are not actively participating in practice and/or competition.
  • Make sure students are wearing masks when not actively participating in practice and/or competition. (in the dugout, on the bench, walking to and from the field, during group/team meetings). Students should ALWAYS have a mask with them. They may be asked to leave the facility if they do not have a mask by school admin, and/or game staff.
  • Space out as best they can while on the bus. One per seat and every other seat are great ways to help if someone on the bus were to test positive and we have to contact trace for the bus ride.


Testing will take place once a week during your teams designated date. Testing will begin at 2:15pm. Students will be asked to go to the DHS gym and sit in bleachers until their groups is called down to the AMR. Once tested they will be asked to go back to the gym and wait until they are dismissed.

We will do “Morning Makeups” for students who missed their testing day. This will be Monday – Friday in the DHS Athletic office from 8:30am to 9:45am. Students can stop in during that time to get their test done.

If a student has had COVID in the last 90 days, and has a doctor’s note and PCR RESULTS that show the date they were tested, they are exempt from the spring rapid testing. (THEY MUST HAVE HAD A POSITIVE PCR TEST AND IT MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE DHS ATHLETIC OFFICE.


*From the MHSAA and MDHHS-

If students get vaccinated, they must still be tested weekly.




Testing Schedule: [To be tested at 2:15pm. Must report directly to DHS Gym]




TUESDAY: Boys and Girls Track & Field


WEDNESDAY: Boys Golf, Boys and Girls Lacrosse


THURSDAY: Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis


FRDIAY: Baseball and Softball